Linda’s journey in Art began as a child in her grandfathers’ house, who was a scroll writer and a Torah scribe. He taught her his art as she sat on his lap holding a quill pen in her hand.

The beauty of his arts and crafts ignited her soul and enabled her to evolve as an artist. For her entire life, Linda crafted artwork and sculptures with deep love. 

About Three decades ago, Linda established a school for arts and sculptures, which amongst some of its graduates were some of the most renowned artists and sculptors in Israel.

Linda’s formal art education was completed as she attended the ”Artists Class” in ”Bezalel School for Arts” in Jerusalem and ”Avni Institute for Arts” in Tel Aviv. In addition, Linda acquired her skills as a painter from the known artist Moshe Rosenthalis.

Today, Linda Naor focuses mainly on creating bronze sculptures for interior and exterior spaces.

Linda Naor’s sculptures revolve around a variety of human issues, including relationships, femininity, parenting, a formal expression of feelings, conveying feelings between spouses and love.

Linda’s artwork has been displayed in some of the most well-known and distinguished art galleries in Israel and around the world, in both single and group exhibitions.

In addition to her work as an artist, Linda founded an art gallery in Tel Aviv, which has attracted many art collectors and art fans from around the world